Under-Hood LED Light Kit for ALL MAKES and Toyotas (4Runners, Tacomas, Sequoias, Tundras, LC, FJ, GX)

$64.84 $115.00


Compatible with all makes and models. Select Non-Toyota! 

Over 1,300 Lumens, 40", Premium Braided cable, real 3M (unlike competition), Auto ON/OFF on Hood Open/Close, water resistant. Cheapest price, PERIOD. Go buy it.

If you are like us, you wrench on your rig almost every week. Sometimes at home, sometimes at a buddy’s house, sometimes in the middle of a trail where it’s dark. We have been looking for a bright under-hood LED kit for a while and all were either generic and low quality, not water resistant, too dim, have a nasty blue tint, or are never in stock. So, we decided to make our own! The led strip had to be CRAZY bright, water resistant, the harness to be just as high quality as the led strip, and so easy to install your Jeep friend could do it! Ok – but seriously, super easy to install – just plug and play.

NON-TOYOTA MODELS: Compatible with most cars. Select non-Toyota for the model.

We spent many hours trying many different LED strips, switches, harness shielding, adhesives, and designs until we finally got what we were looking for! A custom-made LED strip with the best 5050 leds you can buy, a braided one-piece harness to avoid anything disconnecting and eliminating as many points of failure as possible, real 3M tape, water resistant enclosures for both the led strip and the kill-switch. We are proud of the product we made and are excited to share it with you!


  • 40” Strip with top shelf 5050 LEDs
  • Over 1,300 Lumens!
  • Automatically turns on when hood opens, and turns off when hood closes
  • Super high-quality harness that has black braided sleeving throughout
  • LED strip and kill switch are in water resistant enclosures
  • One-piece harness avoids multiple failure points
  • Kill switch in case you want to keep the hood open and don’t want to drain your battery
  • Comes with a fuse, for a plug and play installation. No additional wiring or fuses required!
  • Real 3M tape compared to the cheap led strips you find elsewhere means the led strip will stay attached to the hood for years to come! Competitors cut corners here and use cheap Chinese adhesives! 

  Compare it to the cheap Amazon kit: Link


NON-TOYOTA MODELS: Compatible with most cars. Select non-Toyota for the model.

All Toyota Models (We measured almost every Toyota SUV (Including Lexus GX) and made a harness that fits all without too much slack)

- Install instructions will be provided for 3rd Gen 4Runners, 4th Gen 4Runners,  5th gen 4Runners, 1st Gen Tacomas, 2nd Gen Tacomas, 3rd Gen Tacomas, and 2nd Gen Tundras.

Other models are compatible but do not have instructions yet. Install at your own risk.

(We are working on instructions for the rest of the models and should have them very soon)

Intended for off-road use!