4th Gen 4Runner (03 - 09) Center Console Dash Modular Accessory Mount (MAM)

$88.78 $112.00

Handheld Radio Attachment
This Modular Accessory Mount for 4th Gen 4Runners is the ultimate accessory mount solution! The possibilities are endless! - Mount your phone or Tablet with a RAM X-mount - Slide your walkie talkie or ham mic into the panel without the need for extra mounts! - Mount your GPS using a RAM mount - Mount a light control panel (See photo for example) - Mount anything else you want! (1/4 bolt and you're set!) 

- Laser Cut Aluminum. Super Light Weight and Super Strong!
- Mounts to the center console with 6 Mounting points.
- Slim design, out of the way of the screen.

In Stock. Ships in 1-2 Business days!
In Stock. Ships in 1-2 Business days!

*Patent Pending*