3rd Gen (96-02) 4Runner Center Console Dash Modular Accessory Mount (MAM)

$53.58 $65.95

Handheld Radio Attachment

Add the optional Handheld Radio Mount for a convenient place to mount your hand held walkie talkie! (Matches the angle of the MAM and keeps the radio straight). 

If you have the MAM already and just need the radio mount click here.

Shorty Version - SHIPS in 1-2 days!

 Full Length - SHIPS  in 1-2 days!

Shorty Version - For 96-98 4Runners that want to preserve the cup holder function. Not recommended for 99-02 4Runners.

Full Length - 96-98: Will work if you don't need cup holders. 99-02: Will work without any issues.

All mounts come powder coated black!

This Modular Accessory Mount for 3rd Gen 4Runners is the ultimate accessory mount solution! The possibilities are endless! This Dash Mount is super sturdy and allows to mount tablets, phones, gps, etc! 

- Mount your phone or Tablet with a RAM X-mount

- Slide your walkie talkie or ham mic into the panel without the need for extra mounts!

- Mount your GPS using a RAM mount

- Mount a light control panel (See photo for example)

- Mount your ScanGauge/UltraGauge or any other gauges

- Mount anything else you want! (1/4 bolt and you're set!)

 Recommended mounts:



- Laser Cut Aluminum. Super Light Weight and Super Strong!

- Powder coated Satin Black

- Mounts to the center console with 8 Mounting points. (6 for 1999 - 2002 4Runners)

- Slim design, out of the way of the screen. 

- 1" Ram Mounts Fit Flush without sticking out. 

- Comes in raw aluminum (have to clean up and paint) or optional satin black powder coated finish

- Comes with 8 self tapping screws needed to install the mount

- Intended for off-road use 

- Does not come with any accessories or RAM ball mounts, use your own mounting accessories

- 96-98 4Runners Full Length Version - cupholders will no longer be functional. If you still have working cup holders - select the "Shorty Version".

- 99-02 4Runners - Recommended to select the full length version. Selecting the Shorty will result in a weaker mount since the top two screws cannot be used on 99-02. Select Full length version!